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Finally! A HEALTH & WELLNESS Business Opportunity That
Doesn’t Rely on Promoting Expensive Supplements
Congrats! You Are A PERFECT Match!

Are You Ready For Success...?
JOIN as a FOUNDING Ambassador TODAY!
From: Jennifer Aube Owner Crave It Lifestyle Brands and the founder of the 3 Week Reset

RE: Crave It Lifestyle Brands Opportunity to Join
Dear Entrepreneur

I'm thrilled to see you here.  Based on going  through our assessment, you've now qualified for the opportunity to join as an ambassador with our organization and purchase our Lifetime Founding Ambassador Start Up Package.

I would first like to spend a bit of time telling you about me and why we aren't your average direct sales company. 

Please bare with me, because this isn't just a quick read. I want you to know more about myself and the organization you are joining so that when you join, you know more about me and how I run an organization. An organization that puts you first because you matter.

Let’s face it. Building a business in today’s world is hard. 

When you start out a new direct sales or network marketing business, you simply feel like you are a victim of high quotas and unrealistic sales goals. 

You scratch your way to make those first sales without really getting a system down, because you worry more about staying active than you do about building a business that makes you money

So .. what happens?

If you are like most direct sellers or network marketers, you join a company and then purchase products just to stay active. 

Then before you know it, your cupboards and spare room turn into your own personal store-front. 
Adding more product stock each month, just to make quota .. or just to reach goals to earn commissions for your down line and merit points for your team.  

It’s almost a cycle that just never ends.
Then, as statistics show, you end up like most other direct sellers...
  •  Exhausted
  •  Over-worked
  •  Underpaid with a large credit card bill that you continue to pay off for all the stuff you bought, but never sold
Maybe you can relate to this crazy cycle that causes you to lose money instead of make it.

Trust me … I completely understand what it feels like to just try and keep up without ever having a real system that earns you money instead of wastes it. 
When You find and JOIN a Company as an ambassador wouldn't it be great to build a business behind a Brand that has the following benefits...

A Story You Feel Great About Representing..
ESPECIALLY in Health and Wellness .. where we seem to only want to push FAD Diets or SUPPLEMENTS or MAGIC in a PILL or in a BOTTLE form ... instead of REAL no nonsense programs that WORK to help someone lose weight and feel better. Not some diet fad that does not work or wacky supplement no one really knows much about.

Our story is kinda awesome. Built by real people that have lost weight. As an ambassador you won't be selling pills or patches or funny drinks. A simple weight loss transformation system that is built with knowledge, tools and support your customers will love.  They subscribe, become a member, get assessed and transform each week with us!
A Product or System You Will Love to Share With Others

We don't ever want you to sound like a pushy sales person.  The 3 Week Reset Weight loss transformation system doesn't need a huge sales push. It's a program. It's not patches or pills. It's not going to make someone's heart race. It doesn't require autoships. 

This is an honest to goodness program that takes your customers' by their hands and guides them through their transformation.

So guess what? That means you aren't even required to be a coach! We do that too! ...

It's so easy to share, because I actually care. I know what it's like to be overweight. i know what it's like to feel fat. Lack Energy. I know what it's like to try every damn diet out there only to gain the weight back and more.   You aren't selling some patch invented in a lab. You are offering a solution that was built by someone that gets the struggle.

So when you join, you partner with me to help transform lives one day at a time!
A Well Laid Out Marketing System That Will Help You Grow Your Customers
Gone are the autoship programs. The supplements. The patches. The required drinks that make customers cringe when they see you coming.

You represent a brand that offers your customers solutions to weight loss.  When you join you get expert business guidance on how to grow your customer base with us. 

You get access to great marketing material and my success story that makes it easy to share. 
The Support You Need From A Qualified Business Coach To Guide You Through Every Step Of Building a Successful Business
When you represent and start a brand as an ambassador ... you are usually left to your own devices. If you have an upline, then that upline may help you or may not.

If you don't have an upline you usually have to try and figure it out yourself.  The really awesome thing about joining us now ... as a founding ambassador member is you get me. 100% of the way. You get my guidance, my coaching and I will teach you business marketing techniques not taught anywhere else in this industry.   I will show you how to grow your customers beyond pestering friends and family. 

When you get stuck at building your business, you get me too to help you get unstuck.  Plain and simple, your success matters to me.  
So with all that said ... well you are probably here for a reason ... and largely those reasons are so personal....

Some of THESE may be YOUR reasons for starting your own business! .... Maybe you are ....
  •  Trying to escape an over-worked and under-paid job where the thank-yous never seem to come
  •  Desperately searching for the right direct sales or network marketing business to create the freedom you've always wanted
  •  Wanting to earn money to help pay bills, save for retirements, send the kids to college and finally have that vacation you've always dreamed of.
I totally understand feeling like this too, you are not alone because I too have been there before.
All These Things And MORE Matter When It Comes To Finding The Perfect Business Opportunity 
We have THAT opportunity for you right here.

An opportunity that

gives YOU the chance to be at the FOUNDATION of representing the 3 Week Reset Weight-Loss and Total Transformation Program.

does NOT require an Auto-ship of products

does NOT require customers purchase anything else other than a membership to our weight-loss coaching experience known as the 3 Week Reset Weight-Loss and Transformation Program

does NOT require system fees when you join as our FOUNDING Ambassador

DOES offer premium business building support

offer premium commission opportunities!

Hi!.... let me introduce myself one more time!.... My name is Jennifer Aube

I am the founder of Crave It Lifestyle Brands


…I have lost over 100 pounds NATURALLY and maintained my size for over 4 years and I’m the creator of the 3 Week Reset, a revolutionary Weight Loss and Total Transformation Program that helps your customers torch fat, boost your metabolism, lose weight and most importantly keep it off FOR GOOD

Our Results Speak for themselves! Our team collectively has lost 385 pounds and we are on track to have helped men and women ages 30 - 62 achieve a collective weight-loss of 973 pounds by the end of 2017.
The 3 Week Reset Total Transformation Weight Loss Program
  •  Is backed by ART and SCIENCE because if you know anything about losing weight, it’s not just about science!
  •  Doesn’t rely on expensive supplements… because I didn’t!
  •  Is based on an exclusive and revolutionary system that helps you torch your fat, sustain a revved metabolism and avoid nasty plateaus and takes a personalized approach to each and every member.  Because losing weight is anything but cookie-cutter!
THIS is just the TIP of the Iceberg! …
If you ever wanted to become an ambassador of a
“Whole Life” system … and support plan, then this is IT!
AND it just gets even better, because..

…I'm an expert at building businesses (and will be in YOUR corner to help you build YOURS!)

I've been in your shoes as a single micro-entrepreneur and began my entrepreneurship journey selling products to customers just like you from the time I was only 21 years young.

I know what it’s like to start …

I know what it’s like to get frustrated…

I know what it’s like to build something with nothing, with no customers, no friends and no list ….

After all, I started from scratch building a business in a State I was not from … and consequently did not have family or a friend to call on….

So I GET building-from-nothing! … heck, I’ve done it!

Even if you are shy! … and aren’t outgoing … you can too! ..

Because guess what? I was shy too!
I went from $1,000 to earning Six Figures in only a few short years … moving ahead of the pack … and beyond!
Join as a FOUNDING Ambassador today!
There are ONLY 100 SPOTS available.
So Act Quickly! 
And being one of the 100 has BIG PERKS!  Secure your spot NOW with some of THESE Perks that will NEVER be done again!

Lifetime Membership - A Value that exceeds $200/year for every year you actively continue to build your business. 

Even better? You have no quotas, no system fees - EVER!

Let me repeat this AWESOME NEWS -

For ALL FOUNDING MEMBERS we do NOT require you to have an autoship!

We do NOT require you to sell a minimum a month!

We do NOT require you to have so many sales to get paid.

You get Paid No matter what! And... you get LIFETIME status with us!

This super value price only available to you! The price of our Ambassador opportunity will go up! Rest assured you are locking in at the best value ever!

Once we have filled our new Ambassador seats, we're closing the opportunity down for a later time and we cannot guarantee how long it will take for us to re-open our registration.
Here's What You Get when you enroll in our 3 Week Reset Ambassador Opportunity
FOUNDING Member Status for our 3 Week Reset Program
We are only making room for 100 spots. You will have the unique opportunity to spread the fitness, wellness and weight loss love without tons of other Ambassador competition!

This means that you get to share the love for our cutting edge weight loss and transformation program without worrying about having to compete with thousands of others that are just like you, trying to share the program with the same customers.  Gotta love exclusive access, right?
1 FULL YEAR Access to a Private 3 Week Reset - Ambassador Only Facebook group 
Get the support you've always wanted! A 12 month program filled with business support available to you inside this private Facebook group. Lead by myself to help you navigate your first days and weeks to help you build your customer base for our 3 Week Reset Flagship program. 

For example, if you have customer questions about the 3 Week Reset Transformation program, you get ME as your guide, your coach and your mentor to help you navigate through those questions. 

Or....If you are not sure about how to BEST advertise on Facebook or Instagram or other social media, you get ME as your expert guide and I can cut through the fat and tell you how BEST to advertise so you are successful

Bottom line! Your success matters! And I'm your coach to help you every step of the way
Premium Commission and Compensation Plan WITH NO QUOTA or SYSTEM ACCESS fees for LIFE! 
Don't Stress about a quota. There isn't one. Don't stress about system fees. There isn't One For You Either.

And Earn Great Commissions: 30% on all 3 Week Reset programs sold AND team commissions! (10% on your first level, 3% on your second level and 1% on your third level)

AND! ... that's not all! As a FOUNDING Member you earn an extra 5% on ALL your personal sales for LIFE!
When you JOIN as a 3 Week Reset Ambassador You will…
  •  Discover exactly how to build your business PROFITABLY and earn more money
  •  Explore advertising, marketing and learn HOW TO GROW your customer base for your business
  •  You will SKIP past all THE MISTAKES and obstacles that stop MOST direct sales consultants and fast-track your success
  •  You will find out how to keep more money in your pocket by following and IMPLEMENTING a well laid-out SYSTEM
  •  You will discover new ways to GET LEADS that turn into CUSTOMERS without having to pester your family and friends all the time
And it doesn’t stop there…

When you build your own business, for yourself, think about how great you'll feel when you achieve your goals.

When you get your business off and running, think about all the extra money you'll have leftover to put towards your own savings or money goals.

The joys of No Boss. No 9 to 5. No one you’ll have to report to but yourself!
So Here's The Bottom Line ……..
We’re offering our special LIFETIME Ambassador Opportunity for a LIMITED Time!
Just this once! Get LIFETIME access as a Ambassador of our 3 Week Reset program with NO quotas, NO system fees for LIFE!

We are never going to do this again! If you are not a founding member, you will be required to keep up with system fees and quotas to remain active within our network, So act now! This benefit alone is easily worth over $200 per year for as long as you remain as an ambassador.
The value of this opportunity is worth more than $4,000.

No System Fees for 5 Years :
$200 x 5 = $1000 VALUE

Group Coaching with me for 12 months :
$300 x 12 = $3600* VALUE

*My hourly fee to teach business in a group Facebook setting (based on 2017 figures) averages $300/hour

The price of our entire LIFETIME Ambassador access for our Fitness 3 Week Reset program is ONLY a one time payment of $139

Value of THIS Business Opportunity and Ambassador Sign-Up is OVER $4000

and that's NOT ALL! It gets BETTER! Check out the BONUSES below!
JOIN and get these exclusive bonuses just by acting now
Value: $200/yr
Get lifetime access as a Ambassador to our exclusive 3 week reset program!
Value: $1000/yr
You are NOT required to submit a quota EVER as a Ambassador of our 3 Week Reset Flagship program
BONUS #3 : THREE (3) LIVE Group Ambassador Business Accelerator Calls with Jenn in your first 60 days!
Value: $1000
Get inner circle level coaching within the first 60 days of being in business! Jenn will be holding THREE calls with the Lifetime Ambassador Circle : 3 Week Reset within the first 60 days of joining to help accelerate your success. 

*My hourly fee to provide 1:1 coaching experience to entrepreneurs averaged $275/hour in 2017

BONUS #4 : Get ACCESS to our 3 Week Reset Weight Loss TRANSFORMATION System for FREE for the first Year
Value: $279
I firmly believe in being a product of the product!

As a business owner I think you should EXPERIENCE the product first hand so that you can be a champion to your customers, your friends and your family!

When you become  a Founding Ambassador with our 3 Week Reset Transformation System we are giving you a full year access to our program INCLUDED in YOUR sign up!

Lose weight, build a business, cheer on YOUR customers all year long and because you are a founding member, you get access for FREE

Signing up as an ambassador means you get the Weight Loss Transformation system INCLUDED in your sign up!
Some of our System highlights include...

3 Week Reset Transformation System Meal Plan, Nutrition, Food lists

Fitness .. Workouts ... LIVE Videos

Private Facebook Support

Coaching Calls


We are CLOSING the DOORS to our
Founders Ambassador Opportunity Soon!
To YOU and YOUR Success!
Can't wait to See You On the Other Side!
Jennifer Aube
P.S. : A little SNEAK PEEK at our 3 Week Reset Program!

Our Program focuses on a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION coaching Experience so that you receive all the guidance and support you receive

A few other awesome features of our 3 Week Reset Program!

Our program ....

Is your home for the best support, advice and resources during your weight-loss and ‘healthy you’ journey

Is designed to suit individual needs. A sensible no B/S program that is easy to follow and delivers amazing LONG LASTING results. 

Is built by real people. The greatest thing about the 3 week reset is that you actually get me as your head coach. And the best thing about it is this that I’m so much like you!

Offers a unique intake assessment that give you unique adjustments to make to your diet and your exercise! Helping you uncover the BEST meal plan for you and the BEST type of exercise!

Offers a fully private and dedicated Facebook Support Group led by licensed personal training staff and Jenn 
Jenn - Before AND After ...
Over 100 Pounds LOST ... Sluggish Metabolism being repaired and REVVED..
all using the Revolutionary NEW 3 Week Reset

We are CLOSING the DOORS to our
Founders Ambassador Opportunity Soon!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Prices on the Website US or Canadian Dollars
All prices are shown in US Dollars.
As a Founding Member, How do I make Money?
You earn commissions with every 3 Week Reset Membership Sold. 
I'm Paying $139 to Be An Ambassador, How Long Will It Take Me to Earn My Money Back?
Based on the price of a 3 Week Reset Membership you will sell to your customers, it will only take 2 memberships to pay for your entire fee to join as an ambassador AND you will have money leftover as profit. 
How Many Sales a Month Am I required to make?
We don't have a quota. You are not required to make any sales a month. You get paid for every sale, no matter how big or small. 
How Often Will I Be Billed?
No recurring billing.  This is a One time membership opportunity. Your Lifetime membership offers you the ability to market, promote and share the 3 Week Reset - A Weight Loss and Total Transformation System
Do I need to Be a Fitness or Wellness Coach as an ambassador?
No. Our program has been developed by Jenn and many professionals.  You are not required to hold private coaching sessions with any customers. All of our wellness and weight loss coaching happens right inside our Private Program Facebook Group For Your Customers
What is the success rate that you have with customers?
The personalized approach of our system Matters. This Ultimate Experience has been very successful with many of our private clients so far. The members of the program who have had the most amount of success have been those who have dedicated time and energy to their transformation. The coaches are there to help guide you through your own personal transformation and and with your personal commit to the program, you can become a success story of your own!
Do Customers have daily assignments or check-ins?
When you sell memberships to your customers, they become a 3WR Member for a 12 month period. 

During the program, a member will work with our Coaches (and Jenn herself!) to help put together an action plan uniquely tailored to the member.  The member will be able to review the action plan during our unique AMA sessions or through our Private Facebook Channel.   Members have access to Jennifer for as much as they would like throughout the program
What Does the 3 Week Reset Program Come With?
When your customers JOIN the 3 Week Reset Program, they get access to a TON of elements including a personalized assessment, suggested meal plans, fitness plans and MORE!

The program encourages optimal fat loss while revving the metabolism at pre-defined intervals during the program. It's creates a metabolic fire. Helps to reset the body.  Encourages your system to plateau less and continue on a weight loss path that encourages proper weight loss amount each week.
Why Does The 3 Week Transformation System Work So Well?
So many diet and nutrition “experts” just spout out the same old advice, “Eat less food! Exercise more! Take magic pills!” Nonsense. If you want to judge a nutrition or fitness system, take a good, hard look at a picture of its creator. It’s astounding how many of these people are unhealthy, obviously photo-shopped, or even fat and out of shape. Enough of that.

My background is not just in weight loss. I actually OWN a Food manufacturing business as well that promotes REAL food! No chemicals, no preservatives, no hype! I witness other smart marketing tactics by OTHER food businesses each and every day! ... and I see the deception!

I am not at all afraid to go against the grain or hit the fringes.  I am able to provide SMART solutions that WORK ... WITHOUT expensive supplements (because I've already tried em all and know they largely just make my heart pump fast)... WITHOUT Hype and FAST weight loss guarantees!

(c) Jennifer Aube / Crave It Lifestyle Brands Inc, - All Rights Reserved @ 2017
DISCLAIMER - Any income claims shared by my students, ambassadors, friends, or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. 

We do not promise or guarantee any level of earning potential or success. This is not a get rich quick program. We do not believe there is anything such as get rich quick program. There is no substitute for hard work, consistency and commitment in any business.
Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business.
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